Fortnite: ‘Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady and a precarious flatbed’ location and challenge guide

by Ross Deason


An old favorite returns to the list of Fortnite challenges for Week 8 of Season 7 as players are asked to find a Battle Star that has been hidden on the map. Here’s how to complete ‘Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady and a precarious flatbed’.


As always, everything that you need to know about the completing this challenge is hidden in the clue: “Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady and a precarious flatbed.” This hint is actually rather specific once you give it some thought.

To work out where the Battle Star can be found, you simply need to work out the intersection between the three locations that have been described.

You may have already worked out one, or all, of the locations described. Perhaps the most recognizable point of interest is the ‘mysterious hatch’ which clearly refers to the bunker in Wailing Woods. Once you begin to inspect the surrounding area, you’ll also find the other described points of interest with ease.


The exact location should be just south of Wailing Woods on a small hill with a dark patch of ground. It should be in the bottom left corner of the J3 coordinate on the map.

If you’re still struggling, we’ve marked the spot on the map below. We’ll update this post with confirmation of the location when the challenges go live on January 24.

The star should appear as soon as you arrive at the location.

Once you arrive, the Battle Star should appear. Simply collect it in order to complete the challenge but don’t leave the game until you’ve been eliminated or won the match. Going back to the pre-game lobby too early could result in the challenge progression not being saved.

Once you complete all of the Season 7, Week 8 challenges, you’ll unlock the Week 8 Snowfall challenge and loading screen. This week, you’ll be finding a hidden Banner instead of everyone’s favorite secret Battle Star.