Fortnite’s hilariously broken Sarah Connor skin needs a facelift

fortnite Sarah Connor skinEpic Games

Fortnite’s Sarah Connor skin is currently broken due to a “long face” glitch that appears in the menu and in-game.

Sarah Connor and Terminator T-800 joined the Fortnite family in 2021 for 1,800 V-Bucks apiece. The Sarah Connor outfit, in particular, came complete with a Combat Knife and the T-800 Endoskeleton Arm Back Bling.

Notably, a Techno-Grip Axe and Cyberdyne Salute Emote rounded out the Terminator-centric content release.

But even the toughest characters on the ever-growing Fortnite roster aren’t immune to some of the game’s technical woes. As such, Sarah Connor recently fell victim to the strangest of graphical bugs.

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Sarah Connor’s “long face” Fortnite glitch desperately needs a fix

Reddit user StoicRaza recently spotted a weird Sarah Connor glitch in Fortnite that distorts the character’s face model.

Thanks to the bug, the space between Connor’s nose and mouth appears abnormally long. And, according to the Redditor, the graphical issue affects the character in-menu and during regular gameplay.

The screenshot linked below shows the glitch on the Resistance Leader variant, so it’s unclear if a similar error impacts Fortnite’s standard Sarah Connor-style outfit.

Fortunately, an Epic Games developer has already responded to the post. “Passed this along to the face lift team,” a Community Manager replied in the thread.

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Fortnite fans don’t seem too surprised by the newest graphical bug, with one person pointing out how random skins become “horribly broken” with the launch of each update.

For example, after the Fortnite v20.20 update last year, players noticed a host of dysfunctional skin physics in-game. The issues specifically impacted movements related to clothes and hair.

Hopefully, Epic developers are able to fix Fortnite’s Sarah Connor skin glitch sooner rather than later.