Fortnite Runaway Boulder locations: Where to find & how to dislodge

A Runaway Boulder location in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite players need to dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Baller to complete one of the Week 2 Quests, so we’ve got the best locations to help you finish this challenge in no time at all.

Runaway Boulders are one of the new features introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3. While they haven’t been advertised much, they can be quite useful for getting a surprise attack on unsuspecting opponents.

You’ll also need to find one to complete the ‘Boost into a Runaway Boulder and dislodge it with a Baller’ challenge in Week 2, but they’re not marked on the map so they can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.

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Below, we’ve listed a few different locations where you can find Runaway Boulders alongside some tips on how to dislodge them with a Baller.

A Runaway Boulder in Fortnite

Where to find Runaway Boulders in Fortnite

Runaway Boulders are big round rocks that are usually found on top of mountains or tall hills. There are quite a few of them located around the Fortnite map, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one.

If you’re struggling to find a Runaway Boulder, we’ve marked some locations on the map below:

Runaway Boulders marked on the Fortnite map

These Runaway Boulders are all very close to Rave Cave, which is where you’ll be able to find a Baller in Fortnite, so it’s definitely easiest to travel to one of these locations.

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How to dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Baller in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you’ll first need to find a Baller near the rollercoaster that loops around Rave Cave. Once you’ve got one, make your way to the nearest Runaway Boulder listed on the map above.

Dislodging the Runaway Boulder with your Baller is as simple as pressing the ‘boost’ button (which is Circle on PlayStation, for example). If you hit the Runaway Boulder, it should dislodge and go flying.

That’s it! The challenge is complete and 15,000 XP is yours. While you’re in the Baller, it’s probably worth completing the ‘Enter the wind tunnel in a Baller at The Screwballer’ quest that’s nearby as well.

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