Fortnite player recreates Spider-Man meme with The Rock’s characters

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A Fortnite player recreated a famous Spider-Man meme by capturing a screenshot of characters modeled after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Rock’s first Fortnite skin, The Foundation, joined the roster of playable characters this past February. This Season 3 addition had long been teased, yet served as only the first time that players would get to assume the role of a Dwayne Johnson character.

Unsurprisingly, the Black Adam film’s theatrical debut meant that another figure bearing The Rock’s likeness would hit the Island.

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As of writing, Fortnite users can purchase four different bundles inspired by The Man in Black’s big-screen debut. Fans are already having a blast and a half with the contents of each.

Spider-Man meme recreated in Fortnite with both The Rock skins

Derived from the 60’s Spider-Man series wherein two people dressed like the web-slinger meet each other, Spidey’s famous pointing meme gets replicated from time to time.

Of course, players have already brought the meme to Fortnite Island, but now two more characters are causing double trouble.

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Redditor Gamross_Steel captured a Fortnite moment in which both of The Rock’s characters – The Foundation and Black Adam – appear in the same shot.

The two stand across from each other, pointing in shock similar to the iconic 60’s Spider-Man still. As another Redditor noted, “Somebody had to do it…”

At the time of writing, the priciest Black Adam bundle costs 2,000 V-Buck in the Item Shop. It comes with the Black Adam outfit, Symbol of Shiruta back bling, Teth’s Throne emote, Hawkman’s Mace, and the Teth Ascended loading screen.

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There’s no word on whether other Black Adam characters such as Hawkman and Doctor Fate will eventually join the ranks.

Black Adam serves as the latest in a long line of DC characters to fill out the Fortnite roster. Other noteworthy additions include the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn.