Fortnite players show why Rick and Morty’s house would be perfect for the game

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One talented Fortnite fan has drawn up a concept for a highly-requested addition to the map which would put Rick and Morty’s house in the game, and fans are going wild over it.

Fortnite fans worldwide have been enjoying Season 7 since it released back on June 17, and the aliens that have invaded the map have implemented a ton of content for players to dive into.

Now, we are able to explore the mothership that’s hovering over the island, and players have been picking away at their weekly challenges so that they can unlock new battle pass skins such as Rick Sanchez.

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Speaking of Rick, one of the titular characters from Rick and Morty, he’s drawn a lot of love this season and some fans are asking Epic Games to add “his house” into the game.

Fortnite-How-to-fly-UFOEpic Games
UFOs have been a hot topic since Season 7 released, and a lot of players want them removed!

Fortnite fan draws up Rick’s house

From time to time, the Fortnite Reddit produces some top-notch content for some of their fans, and it’s also a place where Epic gets ideas for skins they want to add into the game.

One post has risen in popularity over the weekend, and it comes from GreninjaNoah, who mocked up how they would imagine Rick’s house would look in Fortnite, and fans of the post immediately agreed that Epic should add it into the game.

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Keep in mind, while we may call it Rick’s house, technically speaking it’s Jerry’s house, but besides that take a look at the post down below.

For those who have seen the show, this concept is spot on basically as it encompasses all the aspects that we see during the actual Rick & Morty show. Fans of the post have even theorized where Epic could add this location onto the map, as one user writes it would be best suited for Pleasant Park.

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We cannot lie, it would be pretty cool for Epic to add this location into the game as a little easter egg, and it makes perfect sense considering Rick is already in the game as a battle pass skin.

For now, we will have to wait and see if Epic decides this location is worthy enough to add into their game this season, would be an amazing addition if it does pan out!

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