Fortnite players disappointed Resident Evil’s Leon has no alternate styles

fortnite leon stylesCapcom

Fortnite players are disappointed that Resident Evil’s Leon arrived without any alternate styles such as his classic leather jacket.

After weeks of rumors and leaks, Epic Games deployed Fortnite’s Resident Evil crossover on Thursday, March 16. The collaboration stars beloved RE characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Players can purchase both in the Item Shop, with each Raccoon City hero bringing their own special accessories. Leon’s extras include an Attaché Case Back Bling and Combat Knife Pickaxe. Meanwhile, Claire has access to the R.P.D. Keys Back Bling and Umbrella Parasol Pickaxe.

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Fans of Leon aren’t too happy about what he’s lacking, though. Many have expressed disappointment at the absence of certain alternate style options.

Fortnite users want classic items for Leon’s styles in RE collab

Fortnite’s ‘Edit Style’ function allows players to alter the look of Outfits with selectable styles. Many were hoping such a feature would be put to good use with Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy joining the roster.

Replies to Fortnite’s Twitter announcement about the Leon character indicate users had high hopes for two styles, in particular – Leon’s classic leather jacket and his RPD uniform.

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“A little disappointed with the skins not having edit styles ngl,” wrote one Twitter user in the post below:

The replies are filled with more responses similar to these too. For instance, another player said, “Give us Jacket/RPD Leon and 98 Claire Styles.” Another Twitter user asked, “No edit styles?”

Interestingly, the leather jacket for Leon appears to count among the most requested edit styles. It’s unclear if developers at Epic Games will answer the call.

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Either way, such a collaboration couldn’t have launched at a better time. Capcom’s eagerly-anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake, which stars Leon S. Kennedy, hits PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms next week on March 24.