Fortnite leak reveals two map locations Reality Bloom will change next

fortnite reality bloom new map locationsEpic Games

A Fortnite leak has revealed the two Points of Interest that will next receive significant changes because of the Reality Bloom effect.

The advent of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 in early June introduced the Reality Tree, a Zero Point-powered location capable of altering reality.

As the Reality Tree’s influence continues to spread via its root system, players have noticed a series of changes across the Season 3 map. Notably, these changes occasionally result in classic POIs cropping back up.

Players who jumped into the experience after Fortnite Update 21.10, for example, noticed that Logjam Lumberyard sometimes featured the Lazy Lagoon pirate ship from Chapter 1 Season 8.

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The community refers to this phenomenon as the “Reality Bloom effect.” And it seems the changes won’t stop anytime soon.

fortnite reality bloom to impact condo canyonEpic Games
Fortnite’s Condo Canyon may undergo changes soon.

Fortnite’s Reality Bloom to alter two more locales

Fortnite content creators Koooooomar and CodeVengeful (via HYPEX) found evidence suggesting the Reality Tree’s influence will next claim the Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon locales.

As such, classic POIs such as Tilted Town, Neo Tilted, Coliseum, Coral Castle, and Lazy Lagoon will soon hit the two aforementioned map locations. When players can expect these reality shifts to take effect presently remains a mystery.

The Reality Bloom phenomenon doesn’t count as the only addition to Fortnite’s recently released third season. For one, Epic Games unleashed another major crossover event just last week.

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The crossover in question, Naruto Rivals, brought a second wave of Naruto skins to the game – Itachi Uchiha, Gaara, Orochimaru, and Hinata Hyuga.

Star Wars-centric content in the form of a Darth Vader boss recently entered the mix as well, allowing users who defeat the Sith Lord to claim his mythic Lightsaber.