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Fortnite Quiz: Guess the Season! [HARD]

Published: 23/Mar/2019 2:33 Updated: 6/Apr/2020 13:21

by Albert Petrosyan


Trying to predict the future of Fortnite Battle Royale is all part of the fun, but it’s time to put that aside and start reminiscing on the past.

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Fortnite is currently in the midst of its eighth season, which is almost hard to believe considering it’s not even two years old.

We’ve been treated to more content than we know what to do with, not to mention in-game events that have added a new layer of experience to video gaming – including a live concert enjoyed by tens of millions of players.

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That brings us nicely to this quiz – a challenging adventure that will test your memory bank on everything that has led us this far down the Fortnite rabbit hole .

It’s split into three parts, all of which will have their own set of themed questions, with the difficulty ranging from easy to vein-popping.

  • Round 1: Season Trivia – Questions on random facts from previous seasons.
  • Round 2: Items, weapons, and vehicles – How well can you remember when certain items, weapons, and vehicles were added to Fortnite, or removed.
  • Round 3: Locations – The Fortnite map has changed a lot over time, but have you paid close enough attention to recall these?

Ready? Good luck!

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