Fortnite quickly fixes tornadoes and lightning storms as they were impossible to find

Fortnite Jonesy with a tornadoEpic Games

Fortnite tornadoes and lightning were added as part of the game’s Chapter 3 update, but it seems Epic has already released a hotfix for these new weather conditions. 

Epic is constantly updating Fortnite with new weapons and POIs, but the game’s latest tornado and lightning weather effect is already receiving some changes. These extreme elements may look rather imposing, but they can actually give players huge advantages. 

Tornadoes can be a great way for you to quickly preposition on the map, while the speed boost from lightning can help quicken your movements. However, it appears Epic isn’t happy with the way these extreme weather conditions are currently performing in Fortnite Chapter 3

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Make sure you check out how both tornadoes and lightning will be changed ahead of their upcoming hotfix. 

Fortnite tornado and lightning hotfix

An image of Fortnite with a tornado.Epic Games
Fortnite’s tornadoes and lightning are receiving a few changes.

Renowned Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, has discovered that a new hotfix will be making changes to the tornado and lightning weather conditions, meaning players should be able to encounter both of these environmental effects more often.

This should make them a little more impactful and reward those who wish to utlize their movement-enhancing capabilities. All the Fortnite tornado and lightning changes can be found below:

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  • Tornado chance increased from 80% to 100%.
  • Tornado can now spawn in the first 6 storms. Was 5 before.
  • Tornado chance to get delayed in the first storm. Reduced from 3 minutes to 2.
  • Lightning storm delay time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

Of course, Epic could tweak these values further in the future, so be sure to check out the official website to see all the latest changes.  In the meantime, if you’re looking to take full advantage of Fortnite’s tornadoes, then take a look at our handy location guide here

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