Fortnite pros slam World Cup qualifying event – Poach, NICKMERCS, Cloak and more

Twitter: Poach/Epic Games/Twitter: NICKMERCS

A number of professional Fortnite players have spoken out about the current state of the game’s World Cup qualifying events, including its point scoring system and material cap.

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What is the Fortnite World Cup?

The Fortnite World Cup event, which starts on April 13, is meant to be a huge crowning point for the Battle Royale’s competitive scene.

There is an absolutely staggering $30 million prize pool on offer, with a huge chunk of change going to the eventual winners. Players, both casual and professional, are still trying their best to qualify for the event even if they disagree with how points are scored.

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Epic GamesThe World Cup event is set to elevate competitive Fortnite to the next level.

How are points scored?

Currently, players are rewarded with one point per kill – seemingly encouraging action in games. Points can also be scored for game placements and wins, but some pros aren’t happy with Epic Games’ current system.

Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve, who is never one to shy away from voicing his opinion, stated: “Kills need to be valued, however, placement needs to have more value or double. Based on the time given for 10 games it’s smarter to not play out full games and W-key everyone, these games don’t even feel like they are high level and yet these decide who is going to the world cup.”

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Ghost Gaming’s Dylan ‘Dmo’ Moore added to Poach’s point by saying that players receiving a point per kill is the “biggest joke” in the open qualifier.

He later posted: “If there is point per kill, there needs to be more points for placement, like way more points.”

100 Thieves star Nick ‘NICKMERS’ Kolcheff replied to Poach’s post, backing up both his and Dmo’s stance on having more points for placing higher. He posted: “Placement points should literally be doubled. 3 hours isn’t enough time, 4 hours should do.”

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Denis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, a key part of FaZe Clan’s stacked Fortnite roster, didn’t chime in about the points system but, instead, wants Epic Games to life their current cap on materials in the qualifying matches.

Luminosity Gaming’s Sypher ‘SypherPK’ Ali focused his attention on Epic allowing the controversial Baller vehicle to remain in the competitive games despite the fact that it is set to receive a nerf following the qualifiers.  

Will Epic make changes?

It remains to be seen if Epic will make changes to the qualifying events, be it altering the scoring, lifting the cap on materials or making an earlier than planned change to the Baller vehicles.

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However, at this stage, it is unlikely that any sort of changes are considering there is less than a week until the World Cup kicks off and the focus is likely switched to making sure that the major event goes off without too many issues.