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Fortnite pros defend FaZe Bizzle after fans criticize FNCS performance

Published: 23/May/2021 6:10 Updated: 23/May/2021 5:51

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller has been getting lots of hate lately for his underwhelming FNCS performances with Clix and Bugha, but some pros have rushed to his side to defend him from hate.

Bizzle hasn’t had the best of runs lately. During the FNCS Season 6 Qualifier earlier in May, he made a crucial mistake that caused him to unexpectedly die in an early fight despite having ample materials and meds, which he didn’t use.

Twitter exploded, and people hurled thousands of insults towards the veteran.

They criticized his “poor awareness” and called him everything from a “liability” to “washed up,” and even went as far as urging him to retire.


The hate became so immense that “Bizzle” even trended on Twitter.

He responded to the comments, saying “all this hate is insane” and that he “threw one game today and all this sh*t happened.”

He went on to imply that the “true intention” of the team who killed him was to pursue an off-spawn fight to “grief” them, which they have allegedly done.

He also knocked back calls for his retirement, saying, “I’m not f**king leaving.” Other professional players like Rocco ‘TrainH Saf’ Morales rushed to his defense, but it didn’t stop the malicious comments from pouring in.


But when it rains, it pours. Bizzle had another slip-up in a competitive match, and this time, he got caught out of position and was shot and killed from behind.

However, the weird thing about it was that he seemed to think it was coming from the front and failed to react, leaving casters and spectators stunned.

Again, people on social media slammed him for having “poor awareness” and insisted he would definitely get “dropped” from the team after that.

However, this time, C9 Avery defended him, saying, “I don’t get why Bizzle is still getting flamed without people feeling bad. It’s just getting weird.


“Imagine just launching Twitter and having kids from all regions just slander you. Literally impossible to play.”

Either way, it didn’t seem to bother Bizzle. Instead, he responded to the incident by saying “GGs” and comically urged fans to follow him while he was trending in the hopes that he would hit 700,000 followers.

So, despite the blunders and haters, it seems like he’s nonchalant about it and still has his head in the game.