Fortnite Pro WishYouLuck is Tired of Slander After a Player is Accused of Cheating in Summer Skirmish

by Vincent Genova


A relative unknown has won the second edition of Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish and some other pros are throwing around accusations of cheating.

WishYouLuck, a friend of the winner, is tired of hearing the accusations and took to Twitter to defend the victory.


The Summer Skirmish had a new format for week two with solo players playing 10 games in public servers and adding up their kill totals.

iDropz_Bodies won the event with 184 kills in 10 games, beating out established pros by a wide margin. The Fortnite community immediately questioned the legitimacy of the win, due to iDropz_Bodies playing on console and not being visible on Fortnite’s official stream.


WishYouLuck had enough of the slander of iDropz_Bodies and posted the video below to Twitter.

He does not name names in the video, though members of FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming have tweeted about the possibilities of cheating when a player is off stream.

WishYouLuck argued that Epic would be able to easily tell if iDropz_Bodies was cheating so if they have not said anything, his win should not be questioned. 

He also called for the removal of players from Epic's tournaments if they continue to not accept the results.


The Fortnite Summer Skirmish series is off to a rocky start, with the first edition of the tournament being cancelled due to performance issues with Epic’s private servers.

The second week was moved to public servers and an all new format, though this has led to the accusations of cheating. Fortnite has not commented on the accusations at this time.