Fortnite pro destroys controller after being dominated by one

Jacob Hale
Instagram: itshighsky / Xbox

Fortnite pro Tyler ‘HighSky’ Tereso let his opinions of controller players be known in a February 9 stream, smashing up an Xbox 360 pad to show how much he despises it.

HighSky plays for Sentinels, the organization which won the inaugural Fortnite World Cup with Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf and was playing in Creative with the world champion and some of their fellow competitors.

After being killed by controller players, HighSky had clearly had enough and smashed up a controller in a fit of rage in an attempt to make a point.

Twitter: HighSky
HighSky joined Sentinels in September 2019

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When in the lobby after their games, HighSky was evidently heated and held up an Xbox 360 controller, saying “I’m getting sh*t on by a dude on this. On this!”

“This is what’s sh*tting on me,” the streamer repeats, before asking his viewers if they want to know “how he feels about this,” unable to contain his anger.

He proceeds to get up and swing the controller like a lasso, smashing it on the ground repeatedly while yelling out random expletives to get his anger out, ensuring the controller was unusable going forward.

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For a short moment, it looked like he was done, turning back to his streaming setup and showing the now-smashed controller, saying “that’s how I f**king feel about this thing.”

After confirming with his stream that it was broken, he turned back around and started swinging it over his shoulder again, making sure that it was beyond repair if it wasn’t already.

While HighSky may have been playing up to the camera a little bit, his fury is echoed across a lot of the competitive Fortnite community, who have taken serious issues with controller players in recent months.

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The issue of aim assist in Fortnite has been a huge debate among the community, especially as it is stronger on PC than it is on console. A number of big names have come out to speak against aim assist in the game, including the likes of Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Tom ‘72hrs’ Mulligan.

However, we haven’t seen those two destroying their equipment quite like this over the issue.