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Fortnite pro Bugha slams controller aim assist as ‘actually hacking’

Published: 1/Mar/2020 14:05

by Daniel Cleary


Fortnite World Cup winner and popular streamer, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, has called for Epic Games to nerf controller aim assist.

Since late in 2019, Fortnite fans have been debating how much of an advantage controller players have due to aim assist, making it a hot topic among streamers as well.

Many of the top players, such as Tfue and Ninja, have been quite vocal about their frustrations with this supposed controller advantage, and World Cup champ Bugha is the latest pro to voice his concerns.

Jimmy Fallon, YouTube
Bugha is the latest pro to speak out on controller aim assist in Fortnite.

The Fortnite star was streaming pro scrims for his viewers on February 29 when he was picked out of the air with two clean shots from fellow pro, Scoped, who is regarded as one of the best controller players.

Scoped’s shots were instantly criticized, however, as Bugha claimed that controller players had a significant advantage and started calling for aim assist to be nerfed.

“What…Scoped, dude controller, please just get nerfed, I will do anything it’s not fair.” he expressed, calling for Epic to make changes.

The Sentinels pro then likened the controller’s aim assist in Fortnite to hacking, suggesting that it was too easy for players like Scoped to pick up those kills against PC players.

“No keyboard and mouse player hits that sh*t, I just died man, he doesn’t even mean to lock on to me either, It’s just hacking bro, it’s actually just hacking,” Bugha added.

Although many of the top Fortnite pros have echoed the same sentiment, some of Bugha’s viewers pointed out that his low health may have made the kill seem worse than it actually was.

Epic Games revealed on their Trello board that they had implemented a fix for inconsistent aim assist in Fortnite during their February 25 maintenance patch although it is unclear if they have any plans on nerfing the controversial feature.


Fortnite Halo Master Chief skin leaked and coming soon

Published: 3/Dec/2020 12:15 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 12:33

by Jacob Hale


New leaks suggest that Halo’s iconic Master Chief character might be coming to Fortnite, as the collaborations keep coming in to Epic Games’ hit battle royale title.

In recent Fortnite seasons, we’ve already seen Marvel characters make their way into the game and, for Season 5, a collaboration with The Mandalorian brings new cosmetics and challenges to the game.

For the strong legion of fans of the Halo series though, whether they still play it regularly or not, the idea of playing as Master Chief in Fortnite will be a hugely exciting one.

Here’s what we know about Master Chief in Fortnite so far.

Halo Infinite cover Master Chief
Halo Infinite is due to release soon, making it the perfect time for a Fortnite collab.

Is Master Chief coming to Fortnite?

While there has been no official confirmation or even a hint from Fortnite or Halo devs Bungie, the leaks are starting to grace the internet, bringing the character that the entire Halo story is based around to the daunting battle royale island.

After an initial tweet from FNBRLeaks suggested that there would be a collaboration in the future — including a Red vs Blue LTM (Red and Blue are the two teams in Halo) as well as cosmetics — it was backed up with screenshots of the rumored cosmetics.

As you can see in the tweet below, there is allegedly a Master Chief outfit coming to the game, as well as a Lil’ Warthog Emote and a UNSC Pelican Glider arriving, both from the Halo series.

When is Master Chief coming to Fortnite?

As for when the leaked Master Chief is due to arrive, we don’t have much information yet. On December 2, leaks revealed that God of War’s Kratos will be arriving in Fortnite during Season 5.

Some fans have theorized that Kratos could be arriving in Season 5 for PlayStation fans (as God of War is a PlayStation exclusive) whereas Master Chief could be the Xbox alternative, with Halo being Xbox-exclusive.

If they do come at or around the same time, Season 5 is due to end on March 16, so expect to see these arrive by then if they’re both expected this season.

As always, take these leaks with a pinch of salt — while they come from reliable sources, we never the full details on these until Epic Games confirm them, so we’ll just have to wait and see.