Fortnite pro at 100k WSOE event says a boombox is better than aim

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Fortnite pros ‘Psalm’ and ‘Rhux’ had a lot to say about the game’s brand-new ‘boombox’ item, which stirred up a slew of controversy after being released the same day as the $100,000 WSOE tournament on December 30.

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The pair were approached for an interview after taking a second win in Duos during the WSOE when Rhux made a fairly scathing statement about the in-game item.

“If I get a boombox, it’s a free win,” Rhux said when asked about his team’s Victory Royale. “I mean, we had a boombox in [the] high ground, so it was a pretty free win.”

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Psalm appeared to corroborate his claims, stating, “You don’t need aim, you just need a boombox. You just need music, know what I’m saying?”

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Fortnite’s boombox has been at the center of controversy since its introduction, with many across the scene decrying its overly-destructive properties. The boombox is a throwable item that destroys any builds in its path, literally hurling a major monkey wrench into the game’s meta.

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Popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins spoke out on the item via Twitter, with his harsh sentiments echoed by a slew of other professional players and personalities.

“Enjoy scrimming in Fortnite with that new item, LOL,” Ninja wrote.

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This isn’t the first time Epic Games have introduced a new, game-breaking item just ahead of a major tournament, either; the company released the highly-criticized Infinity Blade just before their Winter Royale tournament series, vaulting the item shortly thereafter.

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Psalm and Rhux took fourth place at the WSOE, with Ceice and Elevate taking first place and the $100,000 prize.

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