Fortnite pro 72hrs shows off exploit to instantly farm Gold in Arena & tournaments

fortnite fncs 72hrs gold barsEpic Games / Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan explained how to make use of a Fortnite exploit that lets players instantly farm Gold in Arena & tournaments to quickly access Exotic weapons.

There are plenty of players trying to get a leg up on one another in FNCS Season 5. And after seeing how people can quickly acquire Gold Bars shortly after landing on the island, 72hrs is convinced this exploit must have been used before.

Gold Bars are a new currency in Fortnite since Season 5 launched, and they can be used to buy into Exotic weapons or upgrade weaponry, among other things. In the base game, Fortnite players can take Gold into consecutive matches.

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This doesn’t apply for the Arena or tournament games, but 72hrs found a way that essentially gives people a way to quickly stack the currency as soon as the game begins.

To acquire Gold in the first place, players can find NPCs throughout the island to complete quests that will in-turn reward them the sought-after currency.

But 72hrs found that there are timed quests that let you keep multiple challenges active between different Fortnite matches, even in the Arena.

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This means that players can go into a regular game, activate some of these quests, complete some progress toward them, immediately exit that match, and go into an FNCS game with the almost-completed quest.

After that, all you’d need to do is wrap up the quests to instantly bag Gold Bars in no time at all.

fortnite gold barsEpic Games
Fortnite players can carry active quests into FNCS to quickly get Gold Bars at match start.

There’s a murky ‘gray-area’ using the technique, 72hrs said. He didn’t go far enough to say that this was cheating, but definitely sees Epic Games moving quickly to patch this exploit.

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Of course, it’s unknown if people will be getting banned or retroactively punished for using the trick, but 72hrs was fine showing people how to use it since it’s a repeatable mechanic in Fortnite.

As more people use it, expect the devs to take notice of this and create the appropriate changes to bring some balance to FNCS, should it get out of hand.

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