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Fortnite players spooked by vanishing Slurp Trucks

Published: 13/Mar/2020 4:35

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s Slurp Trucks have been disappearing from the battle royale map due to a puzzling bug that is leaving players stumped.

Introduced in the major Season 2 update, Slurp Trucks and Slurp Barrels were scattered across the freshly updated map as a new way for players to acquire additional shields.

After breaking the new additions, anyone within a close proximity would have their shields topped up. However, a new bug is forcing Slurp Trucks to completely vanish, leaving players with one less source of healing.

Epic Games
Slurp Trucks are often valuable late-game resources.

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Trekking down a mountain mid-way through a game on March 12, Reddit user ‘ThiccBoi_” cautiously approached a Slurp Truck as though the issue had already impacted them in earlier lobbies.


“Truck is still here,” he said as he spotted one in the distance. “Truck is not here,” he shortly expressed just a few seconds later as he got closer to the vehicle.

After shaking his camera and taking a few steps, the truck disappeared entirely and the Fortnite duo was left to scavenge shields through other means.

I’m seeing mirages from FortniteCompetitive

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Similarly, another player also grinding the battle royale on PC, highlighted an even more egregious instance of the glitch. Rather than disappearing in the distance, this truck took its time before vanishing.

Getting up close and personal, Reddit user ‘jrushFN’ was striking away at the Slurp Truck in hopes of breaking it and getting some shields before the closing zone forced them to flee. The truck however, had other ideas.


Without showing any signs of damage, the truck looked completely impenetrable until it just disappeared altogether.

Okay, I think the slurp truck render glitch has gone too far. from FortNiteBR

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While some players are suggesting that these issues could be popping up due to various rendering issues, it appears to be impacting PCs of all sorts, from budget builds to high-performance rigs.

Epic is yet to respond to the glitch but at least these players were actually able to make it into the game to begin with — another jaw-dropping bug has been leaving players behind on the Spawn Island.