Fortnite players revolt against Marvel over Doctor Strange Battle Pass skin

fortnite doctor strange skin battle passEpic Games

As Epic Games continued its constant flow of Marvel high-tier skins in the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 Battle Pass, many players have decided enough is enough. 

The Battle Pass was revealed on March 20, as part of the latest major update for the battle royale game.

One of the biggest changes featured in the Season 2 patch notes was the sudden removal of its building feature, which has divided the community. Many big streamers have come out in support of the developers over the decision, though it’s not gone forever – as it’s confirmed to be coming back in a future season.

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Many casual players, however, have their eyes on another problem.

Fortnite Marvel Battle pass skins wearing thin with players

doctor strange and other battle pass skins in fortnite chapter 3Epic Games
Doctor Strange and many other characters can unlocked from the Battle Pass by completing Seasonal quests in Fortnite.

As part of the Season 2 Battle Pass, Doctor Strange is included as a Tier 100 skin – making it one of the hardest to obtain.

While the character is certainly one of the most popular in the Marvel Universe, after three back-to-back seasons with Marvel-themed Tier 100 skins, the community is asking; when will it ever end?

One Reddit post, with over 4,400 upvotes, said: “I like Marvel as much as the next guy, but three Battle Passes in a row with Tier 100 Marvel skins is a little much.”

In the replies, one user said: “It probably does well financially, you can’t blame them for continuously doing what works.” Another added: “I’m so sick of all the super hero stuff. I like the original fun skins like Meowscles and Peely etc. This has probably been my least favorite BP to date.”

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With a number of Fortnite updates added Marvel characters in recent months, there is a high chance that Epic Games struck a multi-update deal to include many different characters.

Another post with hundreds of upvotes said: “Doctor Strange should not be a Tier 100 skin.”

Whether or not this will the final season, or even chapter, including Marvel skins, remains to be seen.

For Marvel fans, the grind towards the Doctor Strange Tier 100 skin will obviously be worth it – but others remain unconvinced.