Fortnite players recreate almost perfect replica of iconic Call of Duty Zombies map in Creative mode

by Alan Bernal
Epic Games / Activision


When Epic Games launched Fortnite Creative, they knew that their legion of creative fans would make incredible builds, but a player took his love for a classic Zombies map and made it a reality in the expansive sandbox mode.


Fortnite Creative released on December 6 to Battle Pass owners, and is Epic Games’ third offering under the Fortnite banner, along with Save the World and Battle Royale. The immersive creative mode lets players set up their own rules and make anything they can think of including recreations of timeless maps.

YouTuber KRNG Brush and Twitch streamer MiscManiac recreated the iconic map originally from Call of Duty: World at War, Der Riese as best as the Fortnite Creative tools allowed for.


All the recreation needs is a few undead to bring the map to life.

The remake is enormous and features damn-near identical paths, turns, fixtures and elements from the Nazi Zombie base.

Brush took to Twitter to post a short walkthrough of the multi-level map, that showed off key locations such as the Mainframe, the Hangar Garage, teleporter rooms sans the actual teleporters, the animal testing labs and even what appears to be Mystery Boxes with Teddy Bears on them.

Even with the collaboration of MiscManiac, the map took the two creatives 12 hours to complete.


Users on the social platform chimed in with their delight of the map, one asked for a recreation of the Zombie map Kino, to which Brush confirmed is on “the list to remake.”

Fortnite Creative has been teeming with life since its initial release, and will be released to all players on December 13.