Fortnite: Players prepare for the holidays by remixing popular Christmas song with in-game piano

by Bill Cooney


The Fortnite community is pretty creative, so when the holidays roll around we can expect to see some pretty festive creations, but this perfectly choreographed performance of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on Fortnite’s giant keyboard is especially impressive.


Epic Games have gotten into the season by giving the southwest part of Fortnite’s island a snowy makeover, that seems to be slowly spreading to the rest of the map as well.

Fortnite’s giant keyboard provides plenty of opportunity for Fortnite players to get creative, but this holiday video goes the extra mile.


The video was posted to /r/FortniteBR by user UMadBroYoloBf and features 24 Fortnite players perfectly playing the tune “All I want for Christmas is you while a battle rages appropriately in the background.

About halfway through, various sounds from Fortnite weapons and items are looped in to add an additional effect.

24 players plays "All I want for christmas is you" on the giant piano from r/FortNiteBR


Best of all, Fortnite’s Santa is the one firing all the weapons used the video, to give it that extra holiday cheer.

The new snow area was introduced to Fortnite in the Season 7 patch, and even though it contains one big error by Epic, the changes seem to have gone over well with fans.