Fortnite players plagued by infinite sprint and no sprint glitches

fortnite players running away from explosionEpic Games

Game-breaking glitches don’t impact Fortnite often, but infinite sprint and no sprint bugs plague players.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is in full swing, and Season 5 is on the near horizon. Season 3 breathed new life into the battle royale, and millions of players still queue up on the Battle Bus daily.

Despite dominating the battle royale landscape, the critically acclaimed game doesn’t come without its blemishes. A Zero Build sky glitch secured players easy victories, and a new bug worked its way onto The Battle Royale Island.

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Players shared evidence and reported issues of infinite sprint and no sprint bugs.

The Herald skin appearing in the Fortnite update 22.30Epic Games
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 began on September 18.

A Reddit user claimed they experienced an infinite sprint bug and shared a video of their character running infinitely.

In some instances, this glitch could be beneficial. Running away from the storm or enemies would be a breeze, but trying to engage in a gunfight would be a nightmare. Fortuntaley, there may be a solution, or at least an explanation, behind the strange occurrences.

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The Fortnite community shared similar experiences and also acknowledged a no-sprint glitch.

One player responded, “Bros getting the infinite sprint glitch while I’m getting the no sprint glitch, wow, this game has a lot of glitches.”

A second user added, “this has been happening to me for weeks now.”

Several players did their best to diagnose the problem. A third Redditor concluded, “From my experience, it only happens during the first battle royale (with or without builds) match once you launch the game. Subsequent matches, creative, and Save The World doesn’t have this.”

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For now, the only solution is to leave your first battle royale game after launching Fortnite, avoiding any issues. We will provide an update if Epic Games release a more permanent fix.

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