Fortnite players mock “barely noticeable recolor” of Geralt’s new Witcher skin

Fortnite Geralt Witcher skinEpic Games

After a long wait for Geralt’s Page 2 rewards in Fortnite, players are displeased with the Witcher’s new Viper School skin.

The White Wolf himself joined Fortnite at the start of the Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass, which tasked players with completing Page 1 of his quests to unlock the Geralt Outfit.

Notably, the first skin depicted the version of Geralt that players meet upon booting up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As such, hopes were high that his Page 2 quests in Fortnite would reward users with something extra special.

Some had their money on the second skin taking inspiration from Henry Cavill’s Geralt. Teaser art for the Battle Pass led others to believe the new outfit would depict Geralt as sickly, akin to the poisoned look that overtakes him when toxicity levels in Witcher 3 rise too high. Both schools of thought couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Fortnite players blast Epic over Geralt’s Page 2 Witcher skin

The second page for Geralt’s Battle Pass rewards went live today, adding items such as a Witcher Medallion Emoticon and a fitting Inflate-A-Roach Glider.

Of course, all eyes were glued to the new Viper School Outfit meant to alter Geralt’s original Fortnite look. It didn’t alter much, to say the least.

To the dismay of many a fan, the biggest difference between the two outfits is that one appears darker than the other. Some claim they had a hard time noticing that much.

Two separate threads address the matter in Fortnite’s subreddit, with Thatguy7658 poking fun at the “slight recolor” while Corvus_Alendar fished for thoughts on the update.

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Suffice it to say, few jumped to Epic’s defense in either thread. “I had to switch between the skins at least 5 times to spot the difference,” one user wrote.

“Shame on you for thinking Epic was going to come through with anything worthwhile,” another person added in the “Humor”-branded post.

Others mocked the slight difference as one commenter lamented, “Not only is it a recolor, but it’s a barely noticeable recolor.”

Some people pointed out that at least the uninspired looks mean they can avoid the grind altogether. “Tbf, it’s nice not having [the] urge to grind for it,” wrote one Redditor.

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For Fortnite players who do want to grind for Geralt’s new skin, the cutoff date to claim the Witcher rewards will arrive alongside Season 1’s end on March 8.