Fortnite players discover innovative way to complete motorboat challenge

. 2 years ago
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Fortnite’s latest set of challenges tasks players with some unique tests, yet this ingenious player figured out a way to cheese a motorboat-specific objective and complete it in no time at all.

From taking down the opposition with explosives, to dealing a certain amount of damage to Season 2’s brand new bosses, TNTina’s Week Three Trial challenges require a number of unique play styles to get through.

One of the more vague challenges in the latest list, asks for players to “Catch Air with a Motorboat.” While avid members in the Fortnite community might be able to rack up air-time throughout their lengthy sessions, those looking to complete this part of the list in a matter of moments are in luck thanks to a cheeky trick.

Epic Games
TNTina’s challenges are no match for this innovative player.

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The challenge itself doesn’t outline exactly how much hang-time is required to tick the box, but rather than spending countless hours trying to position the motorboat atop a huge waterfall, for instance, this new strategy can speed things up.

If you’ve got a Grappler in hand, this technique from Reddit user ‘Ikcatcher’ could get you soaring through the sky in a creative manner. 

Instead of jumping over ramps or gliding off of steep ledges, standing in the back and firing the Grappler towards a higher surface will hilariously lift the entire vehicle. The cherry on top, is that plummeting back down to Earth will actually count towards your progress in the challenge.

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One of the most effective spots to use this trick is Lockie’s Lighthouse as not only does it feature the incredibly tall structure, but it happens to be located right next to a body of water.

After just five succesul grapples up to the top of the lighthouse, the challenge should be complete and you can continue on with the rest of the list.

In order to execute this amusing strategy though, you’ll obviously need to find both the Grappler and a motorboat in the same match which is no easy task. However, it might still be a faster method than trying to take the vehicle off of multiple cliffs throughout a number of games.

Epic Games
You could be cruising to an easy completion if you find both items in a single run.

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Certainly one of the more unique challenges throughout the week, Fortnite players have been thinking outside the box in order to quickly tick it off the list.

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