Fortnite players have spotted Kevin the Cube in-game in a strange spot

. 4 years ago

Fortnite players are convinced that they have spotted the return of the mysterious purple cube, otherwise known as ‘Kevin’, in the lobby screen of the game.

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Kevin the Cube was the main attraction on the battle royale map throughout Season 5 and Season 6, eventually destroyed in an explosion at the end of the sixth season.

Since then, Kevin has been presumed to be completely gone, but leaks, and now a sighting in game, appear to confirm that Kevin is to make another appearance.

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Game files hinting at the possible return of the cube were first discovered after the v7.10 update, with file names like ‘cube_reveal’.

However, it was possible that these were just residual files and nothing more, with no actual in game function. But, players have now spotted what looks like a huge cube in the lobby area.

While waiting to get into another match, players can see at the very back of the screen what is almost certainly a large cube, as shown by Reddit user u/Triggyrd.

A large cube can be seen in the distance.
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This isn’t the only hint that seems to confirm Kevin’s return, as players also spotted rune-like markings on the New Year disco ball – the same kind as Kevin was made of.

Epic Games always has a surprise up their sleeves when it comes to what’s next for Fortnite, so perhaps there is more to the story of Kevin the Cube than players initially anticipated.

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