Fortnite Players Have Major Issues with the Final Fight LTM

Fortnite: Battle Royale players have voiced their concerns with the recently-added ‘Final Final’ Limited Time Mode.

Since its release in November of 2017, the ‘Battle Royale’ portion of Fortnite has amassed an immense volume of fanfare over the course of recent months, and is now widely recognized as one of the most popular games in the world.

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Many attribute its success to its ‘free-to-play’ nature on a collection of different platforms, however, others believe that Epic Games, the developer of the title, has done an exceptional job at keeping fans entertained with new content on a weekly basis.

New items, map locations, game modes, and a variety of other additions are introduced on a consistent basis, with the developer often taking community feedback into consideration during the development process.

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However, even though feedback is generally positive when it comes to new ideas, a storm of negative feedback came after the addition of the ‘Final Fight – 5 Teams of 20’ mode, which features the Storm Circle closing in until the end when a ‘Final Countdown’ timer is triggered. The team with the most players at the end of the timer wins.

Players took to Reddit to vent their frustrations, with many agreeing that the massive difference in size between the second and third Storm Circle is too much, and makes it difficult for teams to even make it to the safe zone.

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As of writing, it is unknown if Epic Games plan to make any changes to the mode, or if it will stay the way it is until it is removed in the future.

More information on the recent V.4.4 Content Update in Fornite: Battle Royale can be found right here.