Fortnite players furious as Epic Games makes Zero Build mode permanent

Epic Games

Some Fortnite players are upset Epic has decided to make Zero Build a permanent mode, despite it’s popularity with the wider community.

Fortnite’s no building mode was a hit with players and even brought people who hadn’t played the game in years back to the battle royale.

On April 2, Fortnite brought back building, but kept Zero Build as an optional mode as well. Most players seem thrilled no-build will be an option going forward, but a very vocal sect of fans have been blasting the decision.

Players blast Fortnite making no-build mode permanent

There already was a disconnect between Fortnite players who enjoy building and those who don’t, but the addition of Zero Build as a permanent mode only seems to have brought it out into the open.

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“You better not remove building anymore also remove the no build game mode because I have ptsd from the no building,” Twitter user @XxFortniteGodx said.

“Claim to be a “fortnite god” but cant even adapt to new things ok bud lol,” another replied

A common response from the pro-building camp was that Zero Build was somehow catering to less-skilled players, despite the popularity it brought back to the game.

“No builds is for the players who aren’t good enough to build,” one user replied.


Zero Build here to stay in Fortnite

A screenshot teasing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3Epic Games
Players can now choose to play in build or no-build modes.

Despite the outrage of hardcore builders, Zero Build seems as though it’s officially here to stay in Fortnite.

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Whether it or the classic build mode will prove more popular — only time will tell — but there’s no doubt the change has brought an entire group of players back to the battle royale.