Fortnite players disappointed as Epic nerfs Web Shooter ahead of FNCS

fortnite spider man fncsEpic Games

The Fortnite community are slamming Epic Games for nerfing the Spider-Man Web Shooters one day before the start of the latest Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) season.

Fortnite players have loved the new Web Shooters, inspired by Spider-Man no less, added to the game in Chapter 3. However, you won’t be able to use them as effectively in competition.

Epic announced a balance change for the latest FNCS season on February 16, nerfing the now-iconic item.

“In preparation for FNCS Round 1, we’ve reduced Spider-Man’s Web Shooters usage amount from 20 to 10 in competitive playlists,” Epic said. Web Shooters in default modes will be left untouched.

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Though largely seen as a fine change, competitive players were baffled by the timing that leaves pros with only a day to adjust to the update.

“Bro why,” NRG pro Bucke asked. “FNCS is in one day what the f**k is this s**t.” Others echoed similar sentiments since thousands of dollars are on the line across different regions.

“Less than 24 hours before?” Solary pro ‘BlastR’ said. “Seriously?!”

Pros were disappointed that the developers didn’t go further in their update, seeing as SMGs and Assault Rifles are still proving to be a bit strong in casual play.

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“Take a look at the meta,” Team Liquid ‘STRETCH’ said. “Look at what you’re making us play. Fix the SMGs.”

“Bro…. all good [though, SMGs are] fair and ARs are not broken at all,” Fortnite pro ‘aqua’ added sarcastically. “And we got so much mobility!”

Spidey’s item was praised by the community ever since the item was released in Chapter 3. It was a fun way to get across the map and it even opened up the game for a fair bit of outplay.

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Offensively, Web Shooters give players unpredictability in fights, especially during extended build battles. Defensively, they give people a quick escape option should a scenario turn for the worse.

Now, competitive Fortnite players will have half as many charges in the Web Shooters to account for the current meta with FNCS starting soon.