Fortnite players call for Skirmish events to be postponed after more lag issues

It was another lag filled week of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish unfortunately, as the $10 million series continues to struggle with connection issues.

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The fifth week of competition was a duos tournament, won by Team Liquid’s Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan and Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo, but was marred somewhat by the lag issues.

Some of the game’s biggest stars, including Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, took to Twitter to express their frustration with connection problems.

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One of the most telling clips comes from Ninja’s own stream, where a build battle gets very messy and laggy, ultimately causing his demise.

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Ninja is understandably infuriated, saying “why do we even play? It’s so stupid. I love everything they’re trying to do, but that is just not ok, and it’s like that every week. They have to do something.”

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TSM’s Myth even suggested that Epic Games put such high payout tournaments on hold until they can resolve the issues caused by lag.

Similarly, FaZe Clan’s Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore thought it might be best if the Skirmish was just put on hold for a week, as the competitive integrity was undermined by lag.

Another Team Liquid player, Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve also wanted Epic to reconsider running the Skirmish events with such massive prize pools until the issues are fixed, comparing it to winning the lottery.

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Ninja himself took to Twitter to call the lag ‘unbearable’. Epic Games have so far done little to acknowledge the issues, but with yet another week so badly effected, they will surely be considering future options.

The final week of the Fall Skirmish will be played on LAN at TwitchCon on October 26-28, so perhaps there will be no major lag issues there if Epic can optimize better, as the final prize money is handed out.