Fortnite players call for LTM u-turn in future updates: “No end in sight”

Fortnite players call for LTM u-turn in future updates: "No end in sight"Epic Games

Fortnite players are begging Epic Games to change the way they approach Limited Time Modes in their future updates by bringing back a classic feature.

Limited Time Modes in Fortnite give players alternate game modes to enjoy the battle royale’s engine in other ways.

Games like Disco Domination, Teams of 20, and Team Rumble were all focused on the battle royale aspect.

While Epic Games has plenty of BR LTMs, players are beginning to worry, as they feel that they are now only focused on releasing Creative LTMs.

Fortnite dancingEpic Games
Disco Domination was a popular BR LTM in Fortnite.

Fortnite players want BR LTMs instead of Creative

Epic Games’ Fortnite has been out for almost 5 years and has changed its method toward implementing new game modes for its players.

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A Reddit post by ‘FNInternetExplorer’ mentions how back in the older days, Fortnite received “Battle Royale LTMs.” Now they are claiming the devs are only releasing Creative LTMs which are less enjoyable.

One Redditor said, “They just keep pushing those creative maps. They think we prefer them over LTMs.” While another added, “Creative maps are 99% trash and copy & paste. One hour or more modes before the game can end.”

Players believe that the devs are trying too hard to throw this agenda on them and fear there is “no end in sight.”

“I’m tired of Creative LTMs. I get they wanna show off maps made by the community but come on that’s no reason to just drop original LTMs.” These original ones, include Disco Domination, 50v50, Food Fight, and others.

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While Fortnite patch 19.10 is set to release on January 18, unfortunately, players won’t be getting a BR LTM. So fans will need to keep petitioning and hope their voices are heard so Epic brings back this classic feature.