Fortnite players call for Gordon Ramsay to be added to the game

fortnite gordon ramsayEpic Games

Fortnite is known for collaborations within their game, and we’ve seen some incredible ones over the years. But, players are calling for Epic to add arguably the world’s most popular chef Gordon Ramsay as well. 

We’ve seen some absolutely stellar collaborations within Fortnite over the years, they have pushed the mold for what games can do with other media genres, having multiple partnerships with companies such as Marvel and the NFL.

It seems that with every week that goes by now, Epic is adding a new skin as part of their ICON series into the game, and Fortnite fans on Reddit are calling for an explosive persona to be added into the game to receive his own skin.

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Fortnite-Loki-SkinEpic Games
Loki was a part of Fortnite’s Crew Pack for the month of July 2021!

Fortnite fans want Gordon Ramsay

In a post on the official Fortnite subreddit, a question was posed to members of the community asking which collaboration they would most want to see added into the game.

Taking us and everyone else, by a bit of a surprise, the top comment on this post was Gordon Ramsay, with a total of 180+ upvotes at the time of writing.

This idea is undoubtedly intriguing for various reasons, Gordon Ramsay is arguably the world’s most renowned chef, mainly due to this aggressive personality on TV.

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Appearing in shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, and Kitchen Nightmares, and more memes than we can count, the 54-year-old isn’t afraid to tell you how he’s feeling, or how the food actually tastes, and his presence in Fortnite is something a lot of players would probably happily accept.

NINJAEpic Games
Ninja was one of the first to receive an ICON Series skin!

The best part about this Reddit post is that we could actually see Epic come up with something revolving around Gordon Ramsay sometime in the near future. They are a company after all, that constantly pushes what they can add into their game, and we saw this during Season 7 with the addition of aliens.

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In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if fan’s wishes comes true in the next batch of ICON series skins Epic adds into the game. Be sure to let us know what collaboration you would like to see from the team over at Fortnite.

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