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Fortnite players beg for Locker update to overhaul skin loadouts

Published: 23/Jan/2022 1:47

by Alan Bernal


A fan-made Fortnite UI overhaul to the game’s lockers is making players want the feature to be updated for a much cleaner way of picking or editing skin loadouts.

Epic Games have pumped tons of outfits in the battle royale throughout the years. Not only are there hundreds of character skins – and dozens of crossovers – but there are even more cosmetics for gliders, pickaxes, effects, and more.

While the developers have made great strides in expanding Fortnite’s library of skins, some feel the Locker hasn’t kept up with just how much variety is in the game these days.


Instead of waiting for an overhaul, Redditor ‘Ponzip’ created their own version of the Fortnite Locker that is picking up steam among players for its clean presentation and ability to register multiple skin loadout presets.

Fortnite Locker overhaul update

[UI CONCEPT] New locker design and feature ideas, what do you think ? from FortNiteBR

Going by the player’s concept, swapping between different sets of Fortnite skins can be streamlined with a simple card switch. With a touch of a button, players would be able to make wholesale changes to their appearance while waiting for their next game.

The functionality and clean design of the concept are turning heads in the Fortnite community, and players are anxious for Epic to take a cue for the mockup.


“If we can convince Epic to leave some snow on the map we can maybe convince them to implement this into the game,” one player said in response to the concept.

fortnite chapter 3 skin
Epic Games
Epic Games have added hundreds of skins to Fortnite and players want a Locker to make it easier to switch cosmetics.

“This is the one-of-a-kind concept that sounds be implemented into the game ASAP,” another said. “This is spectacular! Would make things much easier to use.”

The concept took Ponzip about a month to put together, and it’s been an instant hit with Fortnite players who also want an update to outfit selections.