Fortnite players are still finding the vaulted Infinity Blade in-game

. 4 years ago

Despite Epic Games issuing a public apology and saying that the Infinity Blade had been vaulted from Fortnite, some players are still finding the sword. 

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Clips of the Infinity Blade have surfaced online and players were shocked to see the Infinity Blade back in action after its removal from the game on December 14. 

Footage seems to show players not only wielding the sword, but taking out their opponents with it as well as if it is still an active weapon.

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One player, T4K_RoNaL, even decided to take matters into his own hands and tossed it into the storm, before selecting the crying animation to seal a funny moment. 

The Blade, which was added to the game with the v7.01 patch, had come under immense scrutiny and even an official tweet from Fortnite confirmed that the sword was “overpowered” and there were not enough counters for it towards the end of each game. 

For a sword that is not even supposed to be in the game anymore, it’s still wreaking havoc judging by this footage. 

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It was a particularly controversial talking point during the highly anticipated Winter Royale tournament, as many streamers and pro players spoke out against the addition of new features just before the start of the competitive event. 

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins said: “We qualified for this when Risky [Reels] was still in it, obviously the snow map, that’s understandable, they’re not going to delay a whole Season for this tournament.

“To add the sword and to have these planes, in this tournament, it’s just not what I qualified for.”

There is still no official word on the Infinity Blade re-appearing in the game, but if it keeps popping up, we would expect a response from Epic in the near future. 

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