Fortnite players are getting personal Season 6 Recap Videos - here’s how to receive one

by Bill Cooney


For Fortnite Season 6, instead of their usual recap graphics, Epic Games is sending out special recap videos to certain players.


After past seasons, recaps sent to players contained information and statistics like the player’s favorite landing spot, enemies eliminated, and more.

Those recaps are still being sent to players after Season Six, but a number of players are also receiving custom recap videos as well.


Reddit user Jomanderisreal was one of the first players to notice the new videos and post the one they received to the Fortnite subreddit.

Details in Jomanderisreal’s video include favorite emote, weapon, landing spot and more, as well as custom animations.


In order to get a special recap video, players must have purchased the Season Six Battle Pass, complete at least 20 weekly challenges and be subscribed to the Epic Games newsletter.

Players who just need to sign up for the newsletter can do so once they login at Once they’re signed up, the custom video should be sent out in a few days.