Fortnite player shows insane warm-up routine in Playground mode that can help you get better at building

by Albert Petrosyan


Building is an essential aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale, and a good way to get better at it is to try out some of the intense warm-up routines that have popped up on Reddit.


Reddit user 'hot,' who is known for his Fortnite instructional videos and posts, has published a series of routines that players can follow in the Playground mode when trying to improve their building.

The Playground is a good place for this because it offers a low-pressure environment with virtually limitless resources that can be used to practice and experiment with different things before trying it in an actual match.


Hot's latest video includes four solo routines that will help players build muscle memory training drills. 

Aside from physically demonstrating the techniques in-game, the user has also provided an on-screen keyboard that tracks which buttons are pressed and when. 


These four tutorials are actually numbers 5-8 in the user's series; there are four more routines that were uploaded earlier in the month that will also help users build muscle memory for building. 


Obviously, these techniques are not for novice players but rather for those who already have a strong grip and understanding of the building mechanics in Fortnite.

However, there is always room for improvement, and these routines look sure to help players cross over the line that separates decent builders from pro players. 

It must be noted that the user does have a very low ping, which makes completing routines of this intensity much more possible. It may be more difficult for those who have higher ping or a worse connection to be able to keep up the pace. 

Source - Reddit