Fortnite player hits insane mid-air golf shot off of the new Quadcrasher, and Epic Games comment

by Albert Petrosyan


It has been less than a day since the Quadcrasher vehicle was added to Fortnite Battle Royale, and players are already using it to make highlight plays.


The new Quadcrasher has a built-in boost feature, which allows players to thrust it forward while in mid-air. There is even an on-screen counter that displays how long a player is able to keep the vehicle in the air before landing. 

Using this boost ability, Reddit user 'iBolts' was able to nail an incredible golf shot while flying the Quadcrasher through the air at high speed.


Once he was able to get the vehicle in the air using the power of one of the Ruins near Lazy Links, he then thrusted a few times, accumulating an astonishing airtime score of 414,900.

Mid-flight, the player then used the golf emote to attempt a shot at one of the nearby holes, which resulted in a spectacular effort. 


This whole trick was so well executed and impressive, that even 'MrPopoTFS,' an Epic Games community manager, had to comment.

"What an incredible shot combined with amazing airtime," he wrote. Another user commented exactly what everyone was thinking when first watching this video: "The servers just put up less than an hour ago and you're already hitting these with the Quadcrasher..."


Perhaps the most amazing thing about this whole sequence was the fact that the player pulled it off on console, and did not have the luxury of the pin-point accuracy that a mouse and keyboard can provide.