Fortnite Player Has Made a New Website That Includes All Battle Pass Challenges on an Interactive Map

by Albert Petrosyan


Someone has designed a brand new website that includes all of the Fornite Battle Pass challenges on an interactive map.

The website, known as 'FortFriend', could end up being a huge and popular source of help for the popular Battle Royale title's vast player-base.


The weekly challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale are only available to those who purchase the seasonal Battle Pass, which gives players access to loads of in-game content.

XP points are awarded to those who complete the individual challenges, as well as a larger, bulk XP bonus for completing a whole week's set.


The designer for FortFriend, known on Reddit as 'tmant1234,' has looked to make completing these challenges a whole lot easier as he has compiled all of the weekly challenges in a centralized hub, along with an interactive Fortnite map that displays where the challenges can be completed. 

A great aspect of this website is that individual challenges from each week can be toggled on and off, so that map only includes the specific challenges that users want to see.

Here is a video previewing the website and how it works.

Website I've been working on to track all the Battle Pass challenges in one place on an interactive map from r/FortNiteBR


The website has received very strong and positive feedback on Reddit, with many users commenting on how well the concept has been translated into a physical and usable website.

As a result of this sudden wave of popularity, it appears that the website went offline for a period of time due to its servers being strained from the great number of people who were attempting to access it.