Fortnite player discovers hidden secret that could hint at Season 6 theme

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Everything is falling in place for some Fortnite players who think they have a beat on the Season 6 theme, which could include the return of ‘Kevin’ the Cube.

The Fortnite island hasn’t seen Kevin since 2018 back on the first map, but there are some who are still holding out for its return. Now there’s been rumblings since its last appearance, but nothing’s ever resulted in its return.

But with a new season comes renewed hopes, especially for people like user ‘duskyxlops’ who mapped out the portal locations we’ve had so far.

With plenty of time left in Season 5, players are counting down to the last portal locations to appear on the map to feed the fires of speculation even further.

Seven portal locations on the map were marked and connected by duskyxlops, who thinks they’re onto something. With a bit of wishful thinking, the locations of the portals line up to create what kind of looks like a cube.

“So far the portal locations are forming a cube,” duskyxlops pointed out. “Just like the runes Kevin imprinted on the map in Season 5 Chapter 1– Two are unreleased.”

This immediately sparked even more theories of how the cube could once again stroll along the Fortnite island. “There’s sounds in the files for mechanical door opening sounds. The redacted bunker, Kevin the cube. Those two Spots lineup. Kevin is in the redacted bunker, I’m calling it,” user ‘TonyThePapyrus’ said.

And more people are starting to buy in.

kevin the cube fortnite chapter 2 season 6Epic Games
Fortnite players are hoping Kevin the Cube will finally make its return.

“Wait Omg season 4 was superheroes in both chapters, season 5 added a desert in both chapters, and now it looks like we’ll have Kevin in both chapters season 6,” user ‘RileyRobinn’ pointed out.

As for Season 6’s theme, duskyxlops thinks there’s catastrophe on the horizon, saying: “Dark energy might corrupt the portals and make corrupted zones next season.”

There’s a ton of similarities that the Fortnite community are making to Chapter 1 Season 6’s ‘Darkness Rises’ and the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 6 possibilities, and it might not be long before we find out for sure.