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Fortnite Battle Royale • Nov 22, 2018

Fortnite player comes up with inventive way to change how dynamite works

Fortnite player comes up with inventive way to change how dynamite works
Epic Games

Ever since the release of Dynamite in the v6.30 update, Fortnite fans have been brainstorming ways to change the item and one fan has discovered a very different change to the item.


Dynamite is one of the latest additions to Fornite, and it's already making players and streamers upset, so many fans have been calling for the item to be outrighted vaulted or at least toned down.

One fan took to Reddit on November 21 to come up with a completely different idea that could greatly change how the item is used. 


User codyburb posted the idea to the Fortnite subreddit, suggesting that players should be able to shoot and detonate dynamite while it's in the air or still being primed by an enemy player, the dynamite would explode, and damage whatever or whoever it's close to.

The suggestion is almost exactly how the Dynamite ability of the new Overwatch hero, Ashe, works, she can shoot the bomb while it's still in the air to detonate, and it damages all enemies in an area.

Other users in the comments on Reddit seemed to think the changes would be an improvement to the controversial new item.


It's not clear whether or not Epic has changes coming soon for Dynamite, but they've already had to take the new item offline briefly.

Epic has certainly used fan suggestions in Fortnite before - like when they included an 8-year-old's design in the game - so to see some sort of similar change to Dynamite make it into the game wouldn't be too crazy to imagine. 

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