Fortnite Player Called Out For Cheating After Highly Suspicious Cross the Map Kill

by Scott Mahoney


A clip of a highly suspicious cross the map kill in Fortnite Battle Royale has surfaced on Reddit after the poster and his squad are annihilated from nearly 200m away. 

Understandably, the player on the receiving end of this incredible accuracy was not happy with what had transpired in the winding moments his match. 


The game’s developers have been proactive about handling cheaters in the past by passing out bans to those users who go outside the lines of fair play. 

It would be nearly impossible for the user in question to explain his incredible run and more than impressive statistics. 


After seeing two players being killed across the map from an opponent who did not miss a shot, a fellow Reddit user did some digging and found the cheaters Fortnite Tracker profile

As of writing this the user featured a kill death ratio of 113.50 to 1 and had won 79% of his 22 games played.

During the squad drop captured in the clip, he had an insane 37 kills. 

Guy doesn't miss a single shot across the valley on an entire squad from r/FortNiteBR


The unbelievable accuracy in the video along with 28 kills per match average are overwhelming evidence of cheating.

This type of tampering can ruin the gaming experience for players, and Epic Games will likely handle the situation as they become aware of it.