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Fortnite Black Panther skin details, POI & abilities leaked

Published: 28/Aug/2020 7:49 Updated: 28/Aug/2020 14:51

by Isaac McIntyre


Black Panther could soon be added to Fortnite Battle Royale as Season 4 leaks have revealed not just a new point of interest name, but also a few superhero abilities as well. 

This would be a really exciting addition to the game and could spark a trend of more superhero bosses protecting areas of the map, as seen with Doctor Doom who lingers around Doom’s Domain. When you defeat him, you can pick up two superhero ability items, called a Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets.

Next up might be Black Panther, as the clues are really stacking up for their introduction.


Fortnite Panther Monument POI leaked

According to datamined leaks shared by HYPEX, and seemingly confirmed by iFireMonkey, a new “PantherMonument” point of interest will be added to Fortnite “later in the season” as part of a mid-event update.

This Black Panther-themed area looks like it will be located just to the left of iconic Fortnite POI Misty Meadows. From the sounds of things, the “monument” will be similar to Wakanda’s Bastet statue, depicted in Black Panther (2018).

The Panther Monument would join another Marvel-themed POI that has already been added to the game: Doom’s Domain. It was added at the beginning of Season 4’s update, replacing Pleasant Park in the Marvel crossover event.


Doom’s Domain, as well as small POI updates like the “Sentinel Graveyard” and new main menu locale “The Helicarrier,” were mentioned in Epic’s Chapter 2 Season 4 announcement.

The announcement also gives us a small clue regarding when we will see Black Panther’s POI arrive in-game. When Epic unveiled the new Marvel POIs, they said there would be “more arriving later.”

Fortnite Black Panther abilities leaked

This mid-season addition has also been backed up by another string of HYPEX leaks, which mentioned mysterious “Panther Rock” items. These new Season 4 objects will be added in either v14.10 or v14.20, the data miner has suggested.

Following on from that, a day later the data miner posted another discovery in the game’s files. The sounds of these abilities have been uncovered, which include Kinetic Absorption.


Will Black Panther get a Fortnite skin?

The leaked confirmation Black Panther will be getting a themed locale in Season 4 begs the question; will the king of Wakanda also arrive in-game as one of the Marvel skins too?

It’s a reasonably good guess to say yes. There’s been nothing in the way of leaks for such a skin ⁠— at least, not at time of publication ⁠— but considering Doctor Doom got a POI, has his own skin, and is a mini-boss, it’s pretty likely.

The possibility of a Black Panther skin arriving in Season 4 has also reminded us of an old concept put together by ‘GoldSulftin’ back in March 2018. The old concept looks absolutely insane and pretty worthy of a place in Fortnite!


Black Panther may not have a confirmed Fortnite skin in the works, but Spider-Man does seem to be on his way to Epic’s battle royale; new challenge leaks have confirmed the web-slinger will be part of Season 4 at some point soon.

Until Epic actually comes out and announces the Black Panther POI and skin, however, it’s all just speculation. Keep your fingers crossed though. The King of Wakanda could be making his grand Fortnite entrance pretty soon!