Fortnite Operation Sky Fire event countdown: What is coming at the end of the timer?

Fortnite Operation Sky Fire timer countdownEpic Games

Another mysterious countdown has appeared at Corny Complex in Fortnite Season 7, and it seems to be leading up to a huge live finale event that’s called Operation Sky Fire.

Aside from the endless pop culture crossovers, Epic’s hit battle royale Fortnite is arguably best known for its show-stopping live events, which have featured everything from an Ariana Grande concert to a battle against Marvel villain Galactus.

Now, it looks like there’s another major event on the way. On Friday, September 3, a new timer appeared both in the Fortnite lobby and in the sky above Corny Complex, appearing to be counting down to the end of the current season.

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Here’s everything we know about the countdown in Fortnite Season 7, including when it will end, details about the upcoming Operation Sky Fire event, and all the latest rumors.

fortnite countdownEpic Games
Get ready for Operation Sky Fire!

What is the Fortnite Operation Sky Fire countdown for?

Epic Games have confirmed that the countdown currently appearing in the Fortnite lobby and above Corny Complex is leading up to a dramatic live finale event known as Operation Sky Fire.

After weeks of completing spy-related challenges for Imagined Order leader Doctor Slone, it seems as though Operation Sky Fire will finally bring the battle between the Imagined Order and the alien invaders to an explosive conclusion.

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Leaks have suggested that after various buildings at Corny Complex get abducted, a series of bombs placed by Doctor Slone will detonate, presumably taking the Mothership down in the process. It’s likely that you’ll play along as this happens during the event.

Fortnite Operation Sky Fire

What time does Operation Sky Fire start?

The countdown timer in the Fortnite lobby is currently scheduled to expire on Sunday, September 12, at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST, which is when the Operation Sky Fire event will take place.

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There’s every chance that Epic could delay this end date, of course, but they’ve got plenty of time to make sure Season 8’s launch runs smoothly and to plan, so we’re expecting this countdown to stay on track.

How to play the Operation Sky Fire event in Fortnite

There will be an Operation Sky Fire playlist available 30 minutes before the event goes live in Fortnite, but it’s recommended that players are logged into the game an hour before the event to make sure they get in.

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You’ll be able to play Operation Sky Fire with up to 16 friends, so get planning now! Unlike the recent Rift Tour, it doesn’t seem there will be multiple times for this event, meaning it will only happen once.

We’ll keep this article updated when new information emerges, so check back soon for more details.