Fortnite ‘no build’ mode idea divides players over making the game noob friendly

Nathan Warby
Fortnite players looking at buildingEpic Games

The amount of fun you have in Fortnite largely spends on how well you adapt to the building mechanics that separate it from other battle royales. So much so, the idea of a ‘no-build’ mode has been kicked around in the community, but the debate has the player base divided.

Despite being into its third chapter, Fortnite still attracts millions of dedicated players every single day. The battle royale formula Epic struck has let Fortnite dominate the gaming space in recent years, and it shows signs of slowing down.

Fresh ideas have come thick and fast over the years, with Chapter 3 introducing devastating tornadoes and adorable Klombos. But it’s Fortnite’s oldest feature has kicked started a huge discussion recently – building.

Building has always been an integral part of the game, and many fans feel that a permanent ‘no-build’ mode would be perfect for those who prefer a more traditional third-person shooter. However, the idea has sparked fierce debate among Fortnite players, and the community is divided.

Fortnite wooden buildEpic Games
Sights like this are commonplace across the Fortnite map.

Reddit user BlameNuggie brought up the issue once again, and their post received over 700 replies. Many of these responses seemed to back the idea of a mode without building, to give those less talented at making structures a more level playing field.

“I would love a no building / limited mats mode. It would be fun for a casual player like me,” said one player. “When I die, I’d rather it be from someone more skilled than me at aiming, not because I’ve spent all my ammo knocking down an infinite wall,” said another.

Other more casual users argued that the time commitment needed to become a competitive builder is too great. A mode where there isn’t an issue would let them they enjoy Fortnite without getting overwhelmed with hardcore players.

“Not everyone wants to spend time doing nothing but practice building. I don’t have dozens of hours every week to sit there and grind. A mode where it’s not who can build the best would be much appreciated.”

Introducing this as a separate mode would give players the choice of which one they want to enter. But some believe that a no-build mode would take away from the game overall.

“Are you actually dumb? The whole reason this game is different from other BRs is the building, taking it away would completely ruin the point of the game,” said one user. “You can’t expect OG Fortnite to come back, people have to improve at the game.”

“You just make excuses about why you’re s**t at the game, blaming that game and not you.”

Arguments about introducing a game-type like this permanently seem to have split the community. But there is always the option for Epic to bring it in as an LTM similar to the Imposters Mode from Chapter 2.

This way, the devs could test the waters before making it a permanent feature. Given how hotly the topic has been debated, though, you can understand the hesitancy.

Until Epic either bites the bullet and drops a ‘no-build’ mode in Fortnite, or addresses the calls for one, the discussion doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.