Fortnite: Official trailer for the Ninja x iKON might have been leaked

by Eli Becht


Tomorrow, March 16, there will be a special Fortnite event featuring Ninja and K-Pop band iKON as part of promoting the Samsung Galaxy S10. The trailer for this event appears to have been leaked.


Like the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy skin before it, the new Galaxy S10 phones will be coming with a special pack to owners of the phone.

If you purchase the Galaxy S10 you'll be rewarded with the 'iKONIK' skin along with the 'Scenario' emote. The event being held tomorrow will likely end up showing this skin and emote in action in case you're still on the fence about it.


A special tournament is taking place during the event where the winner will get a chance to play Fortnite on stage with both Ninja and the members of iKON.

The event features a brand new creative map made just for the event. Doors open for the event beginning at 12 pm EST and runs until 8 EST.


A trailer for the event, which has not been confirmed as real, has leaked showing a mode called Detonation will be active during the event.

The roughly minute and a half trailer shows players on the attacking side will have to destroy two objectives while the defenders will have to prevent this from happening for 10 minutes. This is certainly a side of Fortnite we've never seen before.


It's unclear whether the entire event will be played with this mode but signs are pointing to that since the map was created especially for this event.

We'll be able to find out for certain once the event begins tomorrow. In the meantime, you can view the trailer above.