Fortnite Mobile Update Reveals New Landmark Location Following Meteor Strike

by Albert Petrosyan


The Fortnite world is waiting with baited breath to find out what's going to take place in Season 4 of Battle Pass, and whether the meteor will actually strike.

The popular Battle Royale game has teased a meteor strike throughout April and everyone has wanted to know where exactly it would hit and what would be the outcome.


Tilted Towers was originally deciphered as the location of the strike, but Dusty Depots and Loot Lake have also been subject to rumors about where it might land.

On Tuesday, May 1st the servers went down to switch between Season 3 and Season 4 of Battle Pass, and with that, we finally get to know what happens with that giant piece of rock in the sky.


Just 30 minutes after the servers went down, it was revealed by popular YouTuber Ali-A that the mobile update explains that there has been a strike, with a new area called 'Hop Rocks'.

It also appears there is some form of low gravity caused by the meteor striking!

"Season 4 is starting off with a BANG. The comet has crashed and brings new locations to explore!

Jump in and witness the aftermath of the impact while you level up your Battle Pass and earn all new loot.

HOP ROCKS - The comet has left a mark on the island, visit the crater and you'll find glowing rocks all around. Consume them and lift off with low gravity."

Also the mobile Fortnite app update has given us the first details on the crater!

Looks like the new place is called 'Hop Rocks' and you can get LOW GRAVITY!?

— Ali-A (@OMGitsAliA) May 1, 2018


The full notes and details about Season 4 have yet to be revealed at the time of writing, but we will update you all on the situation as it progresses and the servers come back online. What area of the map do you expect to be destroyed?