Fortnite Mech vs Monster event recap – highlights, map changes and more

Epic Games

The highly-anticipated Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus event finally happened on July 20 but if you were unable to get an in-real time look, we’ve got everything you need to know. 

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After weeks of build-up, Fortnite’s Doggus Mech finally did battle with the Cattus Monster as Epic Games gave us one of the most epic in-game cinematic events to date. 

Of course, the game’s servers – across all platforms – were flooded with players who used the infinite jetpack fuel to take to the high ground and get a better view of what was unfolding. However, if you couldn’t be near a lobby or a stream, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a full recap of what you missed, including highlights and the subsequent map changes. 

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Epic GamesThe wait was well worth it.
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What happened during Fortnite’s Mech vs Monster event?

The event kicked off at 2pm EST/7pm BST/11am PST on July 20 with the Cattus Monster finally rising out of the surrounding ocean and throwing down with the Mech at Loot Lake.

The Mech had the upper hand at first but the monster was able to fight back with a powerful beam and dish out a ton of damage. The Mech was eventually able to tackle the monster into the water but the monster recovered and ripped an arm off the robot.

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In the conclusion to the event, the Mech reached into Loot Lake’s vault and harnessed its power, pulled a sword from Neo Tilted and then struck down the monster once and for all, leaving its skeletal remains behind.

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Were there any map changes?

As for map changes, the Cattus vs Doggus event didn’t exactly destroy the battle royale island and give us a brand new layout as some players may have been expecting.

The biggest change here is the addition of a brand new skeleton just sitting on the map.

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So, there you have it, everything you needed to know about the absolutely jaw-dropping in-game event. 

The build-up to Season 10, which kicks off on August, 1 will continue as we prepare to see what Epic Games has in-store.

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One thing’s for sure and it’s that this event will be very hard for Epic Games to top in the future. However, if anyone’s able to top it, it’s themselves.

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