Fortnite map changes: New Coral Castle POI and more

Part of the Coral Castle Fortnite POIEpic Games

A new batch of Fortnite map changes went live in the August 1st water level update, and the Atlantis POI is finally in-game. However, it has a pretty different name – Coral Castle. 

Throughout Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, the water that initially flooded the battle royale map has been dropping. Ever so slightly, the map has been returning to its former glory – with some updates bringing back roads, bridges, and lost houses, while others have brought back the named POIs. 

In recent weeks, Fortnite fans have been able to return to Risky Reels, Craggy Cliffs, and Dirty Docks, but speculation had remained about the potential for an Aquaman-themed spot. 

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That location, dubbed Atlantis, had long been sought after. Now, following the August 1 update, the new POI is live, but it’s not got the name you’d think.

Crashed spaceship in FortniteFortTory
The Spaceship island is also now explorable in Fortnite.

Fortnite Atlantis POI

So, if you head to the northwest corner of the map, you will see the previously leaked POI is live and has replaced the giant Whirlpool that was once there. 

The name of the spot was originally in-game as

The new spot does have plenty of goodies on offer. The temple-like buildings that are standing in the POI offer plenty of brick for you to harvest and there chests all over the place. 

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Fortnite map changes – August 1

Elsewhere, the Fortilla has been tweaked quite significantly as YouTuber Kanga notes that its orientation has completely changed. Though, all of the spawns in terms of chests and floor loot are actually the same.

Slurpy Swamp has also returned to its former glory, so you can hit up the factory for plenty of free shields. The small Spaceship island is also above the water now, so the Ancient Astronaut challenges could soon get underway. 

Fortnite map following the August 1 changesEpic Games
The Fortnite map following the August 1 changes.

With the water now at it’s final, and lowest, point of the season, it might give Epic the chance to final release the cars. 

However, we’ll just have to wait and see on that front given that there have been delays previously.

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