Fortnite leaks reveal new in-game look at Doomsday Device

by Andrew Amos


Fortnite’s upcoming Doomsday event is the talk of the town right now, and more clues are popping up. Now, players have uncovered a first look at how the Doomsday Device may look in-game ⁠— if everything comes to fruition.

As the Chapter 2 storyline runs its course in Fortnite, things are starting to get heated up. Could the island as players know it be nearing its end? Well, it looks like it, if these Fortnite leaks surrounding the Doomsday Device are to be believed.

The new Doomsday Device, found by Reddit user ‘Jonathan287’, was uncovered in the Doom Room in the main menu of Fortnite. While there have been a few smaller Easter eggs uncovered in the new rooms, this could be the biggest one yet.


The device looks like a glass sphere, with antennas attached to the bottom. What the device could be attached to, or what’s possibly inside, remains a mystery.

It’s also not currently on the island players launch onto every game. For now, it has its home firmly in the main menu, although there are suspicions that it could be making its way into the Agency soon.


The Fortnite Doomsday Device was first leaked on March 31 as a major map update was shipped around the Agency. Hatches were popping up around the high-tech facility, although players weren’t able to open them.

Keycards have since been discovered that lead to these hatches to open them, however they are currently disabled. Such a Doomsday Device might be stored in these hatches, and given its name, it could wreak havoc on the island.

The device leaked back then is distinctly different to the one uncovered in Midas’ room. For one, the new one is clear, while the old device had outside patterns. There’s also no wiring anywhere. However, the shape and design are the same.


The rumors around what could happen surrounding Doomsday have been swirling for weeks now. It could be Fortnite’s next live event, as the Chapter 2 plot wears on, or it could be something players can access in every game.

However, like past events, no one really knows what’s going to happen until ⁠it actually happens. So, for now, sit tight, and hope the end of the world is nigh.