Fortnite leaks reveal major changes to Arena mode with Zero Build

Fortnite Arena modeEpic Games

A recent leak suggests that the competitive Arena in Fortnite could be getting a Zero Build mode soon.

Building has been the foundation of Fortnite since its inception. The basis of this particular battle royale was predicated on the fact that you could build forts during the heat of battle and use them as a defensive measure against your opponents.

However, since the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 2, Epic Games has been toying around with the idea of Fortnite minus the fort.

Introducing Zero Building and taking away the mechanic that players have relied on for so long threw the community for a loop and became a controversial decision in the long run.

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Arena mode in FortniteEpic Games
Zero Build could be coming to Arena mode in Fortnite

But some players loved the concept of Fortnite without building and wanted to see Epic Games build upon this idea.

So, Epic Games heard the positive feedback and implemented a way for both sides of the community to be happy at once: adding an option to choose Classic Building or Zero Build as a game mode.

As Zero Build makes its presence known within Fortnite, some leaks suggest that we could be seeing this way of play spread towards the competitive scene.

Arena mode Fortnite Epic Games
Zero Build has quickly become a popular alternative to Fortnite’s original playstyle

Zero Build could be coming to Arena mode in Fortnite

For a while now, Arena mode in Fortnite has only included the ability to play in Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads utilizing the building mechanic.

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However, if the leaks are true, this could all change soon, and Epic Games will be adding a Zero Build feature for Arena mode.

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According to a tweet from reliable leaker iFireMonkey, Epic Games plans to tinker with the Arena mode in Fortnite, allowing players to pick between the original play style and the coveted feature.

Fortnite streamers react to Arena  Zero Build mode leak

As the leak spread throughout social media, Fortnite streamers began reacting to the possibility of Arena mode in Fortnite getting a Zero Build mode.

Tfue tweeted out in support of the news while SypherPK gave an intriguing response as he quote tweeted the tweet from iFireMonkey and said, “so it begins..”.

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With Zero Build possibly coming to Arena, this would mark the beginning of a different kind of competitive scene where one of the core mechanics of Fortnite, creating a whole different experience in the process. is omitted

But, keep in mind that this is a leak, so there may be a chance Epic Games chooses not to do anything with the game mode at all. With Chapter 3 Season 3 on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how this all will play out.