Fortnite leaks hint at new Respawn Van coming soon

Alan Bernal
Epic Games

More leaks have surfaced on Fortnite’s long-rumored Respawn Van a day prior for the anticipated release of the v8.20 patch.

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Fortnite has yet to incorporate a respawn mechanic to its battle royale, but the developers have previously confirmed that they were at one time considering it.

Now with the latest update around the corner, leaker ‘knapperigeLeaks’ released files that have audio clips to the rumored Respawn Van which could suggest a release is imminent.

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The Fortnite devs gave some insight on where they stood with respawning in their game.

File names ranging from “SC_Machine_Activate,” “SC_Machine_Complete,” and more were accompanied by pretty convincing sounds.

Players speculated that “SC” in the file could refer to Second Chance, meaning the game might soon implement a way for eliminated teammates to come back if they made a mistake that led to their doom.

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If the vans do come to Fortnite, it seems like they’ll play a similar role that Respawn Beacons do in Apex Legends. Though Apex’s respawn system requires a player to pick up an eliminated teammate’s banner and take it to a beacon in order to get their teammate back, it’s unknown if Fortnite would use any such method.

Fans previously caught a glimpse of the rumored vehicles on the island during the Blackheart Cup solo event on March 24, sending mass confusion to viewers.

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Although there wasn’t any new word at the time about the very visible vans, the accidental reveal fueled the flames of speculation of when Epic Games would finally integrate the mechanic to their game.

The vehicles inside the game already looked ready to ship to the main servers, since the textures were clean and there was even an animation on the its side.

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As awesome as a respawn system would be in Fortnite, the leaks will hold as just rumors until Epic Games comes out a more word on the vehicles.