Fortnite leakers claim lightsabers will return on Star Wars Day

Marc Griffin
Star Wars lightsabers in FortniteEpic Games/LucasFilm

Reliable Fortnite leakers have stated that Star Wars lightsabers will be returning to the battle royale game on Star Wars Day, May 4, 2022.

At this point in its storied history, Fortnite has had many collaborations with some of the biggest franchises in pop culture.

The past five years have seen the battle royale-based shooter expand its brand and work in junction with Marvel Comics, Street Fighter, and even Halo.

However, there is one franchise that Epic Games seems to enjoy working with, and we could be getting another collaboration from both parties on May 4, 2022.

Lightsaber in FortniteEpic Games
The Star Wars lightsabers were force to be reckoned with the last time they showed up in Fortnite.

Star Wars lightsabers returning to Fortnite for Star Wars Day

A credible source has confirmed that Epic Games is set to further their working relationship with LucasFilms as the lightsaber is seemingly on its way to the island.

Tweeted by Fortnite news account FortniteBR, Epic Games will be unvaulting the cosmic swords just in time to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4, 2022.

According to a Tweet by credible Fortnite data miner LunakisLeaks, the space-faring weapons will be returning in colorways representing Mace Windu (purple), Rey (blue), Luke (green), and Kyle Ren (red).

As shown in the video posted to Twitter by LunakisLeaks, the player will be able to roll while wielding the iconic melee weapon, along with both the abilities to attack and block.

While it is unclear how much damage each lightsaber will inflict on your opponents, it’s safe to say that these pieces of battle equipment will be very capable in the heat of battle, much like their last appearance in Fortnite.

We’re also unsure whether the lightsaber will be coming to the game alone or if there are other planned cosmetics to arrive along with it.

But, in the meantime, you can begin planning your new loadout keeping the powerful forthcoming weapons in mind.